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Cabana is a WordPress web design agency in Manchester.

We focus on designing and building custom, beautiful websites that are fast loading, secure, SEO-ready, and user-friendly.

Best of all, we're upfront about how much it will cost, how long it will take, and why you'll love working with us.

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What do you actually need?

You need a website designed and built to drive more enquiries or sales for your business.

It also needs to load quickly, tick all of the SEO boxes, and be easy to grow and manage over time. The last thing you need is to redo your website every year due to a short-term view.

These core requirements have never changed, but so many get it wrong by trying to reinvent the wheel.

Not us. Over the years, we’ve learned that the ideal website:

  1. Offers a smooth and easy experience for visitors
  2. Is clearly ‘yours’ through good use of branding
  3. Loads quickly and without technical issues
  4. Is built with SEO in mind
  5. Allows you to easily add, change or remove pages
  6. Has minimal upkeep costs
  7. Converts well
  8. Doesn’t break the bank

“We’re delighted with the new TBG website!

Jakub and his team have been great, not only throughout the build process, but also providing support and recommendations post-launch.

We’re looking forward to working with team Cabana to ensure our website keeps delivering for us and our clients.”

Jenny Bowes, Marketing Manager at There Be Giants

Websites by Cabana...

Achieve Google PageSpeed Insights Scores of...


Load in under...

2 seconds

Have a lifespan of over...

3 years

We build great websites

The truth is, most agencies will hit a few of these points, but not all. And for good reason, it's hard to offer everything! But we wanted to find a way. So, we identified elements that are common to all great sites. We invested in research & development to create tech, automation, and processes to optimise for these similarities. And we packaged all of that up into a new way of building WordPress websites.



Cabana Web Standards

Over the years, we have developed criteria for how website content panels should look and work, including the layouts, information hierarchy, conversion points, presentation, and interactivity.

A carefully selected set of these panels will make up your website’s new wireframes. Your website visitors are in for a treat!



In-House Framework

A fast website ranks higher in Google and generates more enquiries. It’s pretty simple, no one likes to wait.

Your new website is built on top of our in-house WordPress framework, which not only ensures your website is super-fast, it’s also future-proofed, easy to work with and ticks all the technical SEO checkboxes.



Great Experience

You’ll find the website build process to be simple and fun. From the mood board session through to launch, we make sure to keep you engaged, up to date, and excited for the final product.

We also know that change is inevitable. As you and your business grow, so does your website. With Cabana Web, your team is equipped with all the tools they edit and update your website with ease.

What’s all this talk of standards about?

Cars need standards. A car shouldn’t have five wheels just to be different, nor should the steering wheel or pedals work very differently from any other car.

They should, however, have a different look and feel to cater to different audiences.

Websites need standards too. The least we can do is ensure a consistent experience, tried and tested to deliver good results. We can layer on other elements to express your brand and personality.

Through a suite of panels (Cabana Web Standards) and our in-house WordPress framework, that’s exactly what we do.

The end result?

You get a top-quality new website, built quicker, for less. And that means more of your budget can go to better aligning what you offer with what your visitors want, where the visitors come from, and what ultimately makes them enquire.

We make the most of your budget.

By automating parts of the process, we managed to bring the time down across elements that shouldn’t be too different, driven by two simple mantras: “don’t make the visitor think” and “keep it simple silly”.

The majority of companies will benefit from this approach. Not only does it make financial sense and supports your growth, but we’ve also made the process smooth and fun.

First, we’ll host a mood board session to find out what design patterns you’re into. We’ll align the findings with our suite of panels to make sure we build not only something that works well but also something you’ll be proud to call yours. After all, you’ll spend more time visiting and managing your website than anyone else!

That’s all good, but I need a truly unique and bespoke design…

Of course, there are a few businesses that need to push the boundaries.

This is where our clients split into two groups. For most businesses, the right approach is to rely on our tried and tested suite of panels. But we offer a higher budget option for the few that need to be bold, different, and push the boundaries. We then combine our standards with new creative solutions to ensure the website achieves the objectives while maintaining its purpose – to generate more leads for your business.

Neither is right or wrong. Both options lead to equally great websites. It’s just a matter of what’s a good fit for your business.



How is Cabana different to other agencies?

We’ve designed a suite of WordPress panels, built an in-house framework, and created a process that combines the easiest way to manage your website with the most effective content panels. This frees up more of your budget for driving traffic and generating leads.

To summarise, we’ve built some cool tech and applied it to the platform you know already to create a WordPress website design and development offering for SMEs.



And what about our team?

Our production team leads us, which means there’s no bloat compared to a traditional agency structure. You’ll work directly with the people responsible for creating a great website – our developers, designers and marketers.

Your project will be led by one of our directors, each with years of experience in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing that the right people are on hand.

Ready for a change?

We partner with a limited number of clients each year, with a long-term vision of helping their business grow.


We might not be the right fit for everyone, so our approach and priorities must align. Are you tired of over-promises and under-delivery? Want a website that simply works well and doesn’t get in the way of your growth? A friendly, empathetic and skilled development team? More budget to achieve your marketing objectives?


It’s time you discover Cabana.

Website project timeline

These are the average turnaround times our clients can expect.


Within 2 weeks from signoff

Discovery & design direction


Within 2 weeks from discovery

Wireframes & content


Within 2 weeks from wireframing

Design & core development


Within 3 weeks from designs

Website development & launch prep


Within 1 week of development

Final tests & launch



Support & Optimisations

Why work with us?

You have a budget, and our job is to ensure we help you use it wisely. Through our R&D, we have devised in-house technology which allows us to build a bespoke WordPress website that is blazingly fast, designed for conversions, easy to manage and grow over time, and comes with a full technical SEO review baked in. Best of all? You'll have lots of fun working on it with us.


£5,000 - £7,500

Cabana Web

Most businesses simply need a solid, well-built, good looking website that’s easy to manage and grow.

Cabana Web is a suite of content layouts with our Web Standards approval. We pick a unique set of wireframes to best reflects your business. This is paired with your branding and our WordPress framework to create a bespoke, custom theme.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You need a website that’s fit for purpose, one you’re proud to call yours, which doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’ or ‘changed’ every year. You don’t mind skipping on a fully bespoke design and iterations as at this stage, it simply doesn’t move the needle for your business.

Cabana Web includes technical SEO best practices to maximise ranking potential, a super-easy admin experience to make website management a breeze, conversion-focused designs to drive up lead generation, and all the information you need to future-proof your online growth.


£7,500 - £20,000

Cabana Web Plus

A unique website is important to you, your brand now plays a big role in your strategy and you have the budget to push the boundaries while maintaining your digital growth.

We go beyond the Cabana Web suite and create your website panels from scratch. By utilising our WordPress framework, more of your budget goes to the creative part of building a website that truly sets you as a market leader.

You want to experiment with the design while ensuring it delivers strong conversions and works alongside your marketing campaigns.

You want to have a say at each step of the journey and work collaboratively to create your new website.

Perhaps you’d like to update your brand, expand on your offering, introduce custom integrations or work on a new SEO strategy to go with the redesign too.

Cabana Web Plus ensures we cover the whole range of requirements of clients that have outgrown the standard website.

Is this you? We’ll let you know following our discovery session.

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As a client of Cabana Agency for over three years, I have been highly impressed by their dedication, creativity and also by the consistency of results they bring to the table. They have employed a devastatingly effective approach to boosting our online presence.

Anthony Maddalena

CEO | Powercall Global Training


A 50% year on year increase in users landing on key pages from search engines


Cabana team helped me fix many website issues left by my previous digital partner, they have a wealth of technical and marketing knowledge and are very keen to help those around them succeed. I'd highly recommend them as your go-to agency.

Derek Tesciuba

Director | CADagency


Website load times reduced by 2.2 seconds


The team at Cabana have been invaluable to our business development. Highly professional, detail orientated with exceptional product delivery. We are very happy we chose to work with Sam, Jakub and Ricardo.

Mihajlo Kostic

Cofounder | CarersHQ


Delivery of a comprehensive marketing strategy, market analysis and SEO campaign


Cabana are a joy to work with, each of the individual team members have been great and we love the detailed feedback on our SEO performance.

Will Miles

Partner | Briffa


Working towards doubling enquiries year on year through SEO and CRO


I have worked with Jakub & the team regularly for nearly 2 years and have always found them to be hardworking and professional. Their experience gives them a good indication of how long a project will take to complete which makes costing more predictable for the client.

Chay Hodgson

CEO | Crew Board


Development of bespoke recruitment software for the luxury yachts industry


We're really happy with the service that we've received from you guys and you've done a lot to help us grow since we came on board with you towards the start of the year.

Adam Scott

Director | Portabello


A 263% increase in conversions through PPC year on year for a luxury furniture brand


Solid, reliable work - clearly know what they're doing, no jazzy absurd "increase your revenue tenfold in 3 weeks" claims, just solid incremental improvements and fine tuning for ongoing better results. Exactly the kind of thing the business was looking for.

Ben Fowler

Founder | Alternate Experiences


A 296% increase in conversions & 57% reduction in cost-per-lead over the campaign


We’re delighted with the new TBG website! Jakub and his team have been great, not only throughout the build process, but also providing support and recommendations post-launch. We’re looking forward to working with team Cabana to ensure the TBG site keeps delivering for us and our clients.

Jenny Bowes

Marketing Manager | There Be Giants


Development of a brand new website, optimised for performance, conversions and search rankings


Consistent positive results from the work Sam and Jakub have done for us from Cabana, really easy to work with, reliable and they do a quality job for our company across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and the odd bit of web work. Thanks guys.

Nick Hyland

Founder | Track Capital


Working towards doubling enquiries through PPC and lowering cost per lead by 70%

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