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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term digital marketing strategy which aims to improve the ranking position of a website in a search engine’s results, leading to more traffic and conversions.

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Not Your Average SEO Agency.

When we first talk to potential clients who are interested in our SEO services, they often fit into one of these scenarios:

  • The business is new so they have little-to-no digital presence
  • The business has been around a while, but they’ve never considered SEO before
  • The current SEO strategy isn’t delivering the results they’re after, despite plenty of time, effort and investment
  • The website’s SEO performance was impacted significantly by a recent algorithm update

If you’re reading this, then perhaps you can relate to one of these positions.

But regardless of where you find yourself, we always recommend the same thing: find an individual or agency with experience of leading SEO campaigns in your industry, who can back their experience up with results, and who talk to you honestly and openly, as they would a friend.

Regardless of who that is, you’ll be onto a winner.

Our team at Cabana’s HQ in Manchester are usually a great fit, for which there are five main reasons:

  1. Everyone in our team is an expert in their field with at least five years of experience and success, meaning you get the best talent in the industry working on your website.
  2. We don’t pretend to have a “secret SEO formula that guarantees results”, unlike some agencies. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. We’re good at what we do because we work hard and keep learning – that’s all. There’s no magic sauce, sorry.
  3. We maintain a low client-to-consultant ratio. Many agencies overload their consultants with 40+ clients. We keep our ratio below 10:1. This way, we have the time to really get to know your business and become a long-term partner, not just a supplier.
  4. There are no long-term contracts, instead we offer a rolling, monthly deal. We’d rather you stick with us because the results are good and we get along, not because you’re contractually obliged.
  5. We have our own development team. It’s common for an SEO agency to recommend a series of website changes, which the client then has to fork out even more money for a developer to implement. Our in-house developers can make any required changes as part of the campaign at no additional cost to you.

Our SEO process

Successful SEO campaigns are tailored specifically for the website and industry in question. They should be guided by a strong process for finding opportunities, creating a plan, implementing, measuring performance and then repeating.


Listen & Advise

We begin with a free consultation to learn more about your business, your industry and your objectives. We’ll advise if SEO can help and discuss whether it’s a good choice for your business.



If you decide to work with us after the consultation, we start by researching keywords, customers & competitors. We then audit your website’s technical health and the quality of your content. This gives us all the information we need to build a long-term strategy.



After the research, we follow the plan laid out in the SEO strategy. As more work is completed, over time your website’s SEO performance should improve. We suggest changes, you sign them off, we action them. Simple.



We continually track performance using tools like Google Analytics & Google Search Console, and we use the data to adjust the strategy if necessary. Each month, we’ll send over a report and follow up with a call to discuss progress.

Case Study

Track Capital is a property investment company in London. They help investors find and acquire buy-to-let apartments across the UK’s main cities. The founders started the business in early 2020 after years of working in the property sector.

After a couple of months running their marketing with mixed success, Track Capital approached us for help. They wanted to utilise SEO as a means of generating a stream of qualified leads for their properties.

We focused on ranking for three types of keywords:

  1. Broad terms, e.g. Property Investment Company
  2. Location terms, e.g. Property Investment Company Manchester
  3. Property names, e.g. St Anne’s Gardens

Our varied approach mixed easier, short-term targets (property names) with competitive, long-term targets (broad).


  • From 0 keywords ranking on the first page of Google to 33 within 12 months, of which a third are in positions 1-3
  • A return on investment of over 1,100%
  • Combined with highly successful campaigns through Facebook and Google Ads, Track Capital have been able to scale their business with multiple new hires.

“Consistent positive results from the work Cabana have done for us.

They’re easy to work with, reliable and they do a quality job for our company across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, plus the odd bit of web work.”

Nick Hyland, Founding Director at Track Capital


New clients often ask us the following questions. We hope you find the answers useful too.

How long does SEO take?

It's generally accepted amongst the SEO community that a campaign can take between 4 and 12 months before it starts delivering a return on investment. However, this depends on your website, your industry and your level of competition. In niche industries with little competition, we've seen websites shoot from the depths of Google's results to the first page in less than a month. In big industries with lots of competition, we've seen it take over a year to get any traction.

We'll discuss this with you and provide you with an honest assessment of how we expect your site to progress, based on our experience.

How much does SEO cost?

An SEO campaign is usually provided as part of an ongoing monthly retainer or a one-off project. Either way, the cost is based on the amount of work needed:

Hours required * hourly rate = total cost.

Simply, bigger websites, or those in more competitive industries, tend to require more work in order to achieve their goals.

Our hourly rate is competitive in comparison to other providers in Manchester, and we'll discuss potential costs with you in a free initial consultation.

What does your service cover?

We try to provide as comprehensive a service as possible. This includes delivering additional services, like writing new content or asking our developer to fix a technical issue - if doing so will benefit our SEO campaign.

In short, it's our job to find opportunities to improve your website, bring them to you for discussion or sign off, and then do the work.

What SEO work do you do?

We do it all. From keyword research to technical audits, link building to content marketing, algorithm updates to competitor analysis, and more. Everything you expect & need, all wrapped up in a single service.

Who do you typically work with?

Over the years we've been fortunate enough to work with some brilliant clients, from small, local businesses to global industry leaders - and just about everyone in-between. We work hard to build a relationship with all of our clients, investing time and effort into understanding their businesses and adding value where we can.

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As a client of Cabana Agency for over three years, I have been highly impressed by their dedication, creativity and also by the consistency of results they bring to the table. They have employed a devastatingly effective approach to boosting our online presence.

Anthony Maddalena

CEO | Powercall Global Training


A 50% year on year increase in users landing on key pages from search engines


Cabana team helped me fix many website issues left by my previous digital partner, they have a wealth of technical and marketing knowledge and are very keen to help those around them succeed. I'd highly recommend them as your go-to agency.

Derek Tesciuba

Director | CADagency


Website load times reduced by 2.2 seconds


The team at Cabana have been invaluable to our business development. Highly professional, detail orientated with exceptional product delivery. We are very happy we chose to work with Sam, Jakub and Ricardo.

Mihajlo Kostic

Cofounder | CarersHQ


Delivery of a comprehensive marketing strategy, market analysis and SEO campaign


Cabana are a joy to work with, each of the individual team members have been great and we love the detailed feedback on our SEO performance.

Will Miles

Partner | Briffa


Working towards doubling enquiries year on year through SEO and CRO


I have worked with Jakub & the team regularly for nearly 2 years and have always found them to be hardworking and professional. Their experience gives them a good indication of how long a project will take to complete which makes costing more predictable for the client.

Chay Hodgson

CEO | Crew Board


Development of bespoke recruitment software for the luxury yachts industry


We're really happy with the service that we've received from you guys and you've done a lot to help us grow since we came on board with you towards the start of the year.

Adam Scott

Director | Portabello


A 263% increase in conversions through PPC year on year for a luxury furniture brand


Solid, reliable work - clearly know what they're doing, no jazzy absurd "increase your revenue tenfold in 3 weeks" claims, just solid incremental improvements and fine tuning for ongoing better results. Exactly the kind of thing the business was looking for.

Ben Fowler

Founder | Alternate Experiences


A 296% increase in conversions & 57% reduction in cost-per-lead over the campaign


We’re delighted with the new TBG website! Jakub and his team have been great, not only throughout the build process, but also providing support and recommendations post-launch. We’re looking forward to working with team Cabana to ensure the TBG site keeps delivering for us and our clients.

Jenny Bowes

Marketing Manager | There Be Giants


Development of a brand new website, optimised for performance, conversions and search rankings


Consistent positive results from the work Sam and Jakub have done for us from Cabana, really easy to work with, reliable and they do a quality job for our company across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and the odd bit of web work. Thanks guys.

Nick Hyland

Founder | Track Capital


Working towards doubling enquiries through PPC and lowering cost per lead by 70%

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