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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a digital advertising model. Businesses display adverts on a search engine’s results page and pay a fee each time a user clicks on their ad. A good PPC campaign will keep the price paid per click as low as possible whilst generating new sales or enquiries at a profitable rate.

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A PPC Agency With A Difference.

If you’re considering a PPC campaign as a means of growing your business and acquiring new customers, then you’ve probably got one question in mind:

Will it work?

We’ve heard this question a thousand times. Sometimes it’s from the owner of a small, local business who’s never tried PPC before, and sometimes it’s from the marketing manager of an established brand, who’s struggling to get the results they’re after on an existing PPC campaign.

Regardless of who’s asking though, the answer is usually ‘yes’.

PPC is an incredibly direct method of getting your product or service in front of a receptive and engaged audience. For 90% of businesses there is absolutely no reason this shouldn’t work. At its core, the keys to success are simple: identify your audience, target them with ads, convert them into leads or sales.

There is, however, a lot more happening under the surface. The tools and methods available to advertisers are constantly evolving. Therefore, it’s important to find a PPC agency who are well-experienced (preferably in your industry), who are proven to get good results, and who have the time to get to know the ins-and-outs of your business.

That might be us. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We’ll complete a free audit of your existing PPC account. Most agencies offer this, but they use it as an excuse to tell you the account is going horribly wrong and you should hire them immediately. We don’t like pressure selling, so we’ll be fair and transparent – if all is fine on your account we’ll tell you so, but if there are some things which could be improved then we’ll point them out. Simple as that.
  2. In our first meeting together, we’ll tell you exactly how much profit you’ll likely make for every pound spent. And by profit, we really do mean profit: how much you’ll be left with after the cost of advertising, after your overheads are paid for, and after tax/VAT. This will help you decide whether PPC is actually a valuable marketing channel or not.
  3. All of our team are senior-level marketers, with at least five years of experience in PPC. This means your account is always managed by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.
  4. We only work with 10 clients each, at most. This way, we have the time to really get to know your business and become a long-term partner, not just a supplier.
  5. There are no long-term contracts, instead we offer a rolling, monthly deal. We want you to stay with us because everything is going well, not because you have to.
  6. We have our own development team. For PPC campaigns, we’ll often need to add tracking codes or make design changes to your landing pages. Our developers do this as part of the campaign at no additional cost to you.

If that sounds good to you then please get in touch. We’ll set up a call where you’ll have the chance to learn more about our team and we’ll ask a few questions about your business.

Our PPC process



We work with you to understand your business, how much you want to spend on advertising, who your audience is, and what figures you need to achieve for a profitable campaign. This includes setting clear, measurable targets.


Campaign Build

We then get to work. It’s our job to find relevant keywords to target, write engaging ad copy, suggest improvements to your landing pages, create a logical account structure and then upload everything into Google Ads for you to sign off.


Campaign Management

Once the campaign is live, we’ll monitor performance regularly and tweak as required. We’ll test ad copy, manage budgets, and bring costs as low as possible – but with maximum reward.


Measure & Report

Performance is measured against the targets we set at the start of campaign, keeping everything on track. You’ll receive reports on a monthly basis.

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As a client of Cabana Agency for over three years, I have been highly impressed by their dedication, creativity and also by the consistency of results they bring to the table. They have employed a devastatingly effective approach to boosting our online presence.

Anthony Maddalena

CEO | Powercall Global Training


A 50% year on year increase in users landing on key pages from search engines


Cabana team helped me fix many website issues left by my previous digital partner, they have a wealth of technical and marketing knowledge and are very keen to help those around them succeed. I'd highly recommend them as your go-to agency.

Derek Tesciuba

Director | CADagency


Website load times reduced by 2.2 seconds


The team at Cabana have been invaluable to our business development. Highly professional, detail orientated with exceptional product delivery. We are very happy we chose to work with Sam, Jakub and Ricardo.

Mihajlo Kostic

Cofounder | CarersHQ


Delivery of a comprehensive marketing strategy, market analysis and SEO campaign


Cabana are a joy to work with, each of the individual team members have been great and we love the detailed feedback on our SEO performance.

Will Miles

Partner | Briffa


Working towards doubling enquiries year on year through SEO and CRO


I have worked with Jakub & the team regularly for nearly 2 years and have always found them to be hardworking and professional. Their experience gives them a good indication of how long a project will take to complete which makes costing more predictable for the client.

Chay Hodgson

CEO | Crew Board


Development of bespoke recruitment software for the luxury yachts industry


We're really happy with the service that we've received from you guys and you've done a lot to help us grow since we came on board with you towards the start of the year.

Adam Scott

Director | Portabello


A 263% increase in conversions through PPC year on year for a luxury furniture brand


Solid, reliable work - clearly know what they're doing, no jazzy absurd "increase your revenue tenfold in 3 weeks" claims, just solid incremental improvements and fine tuning for ongoing better results. Exactly the kind of thing the business was looking for.

Ben Fowler

Founder | Alternate Experiences


A 296% increase in conversions & 57% reduction in cost-per-lead over the campaign


We’re delighted with the new TBG website! Jakub and his team have been great, not only throughout the build process, but also providing support and recommendations post-launch. We’re looking forward to working with team Cabana to ensure the TBG site keeps delivering for us and our clients.

Jenny Bowes

Marketing Manager | There Be Giants


Development of a brand new website, optimised for performance, conversions and search rankings


Consistent positive results from the work Sam and Jakub have done for us from Cabana, really easy to work with, reliable and they do a quality job for our company across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and the odd bit of web work. Thanks guys.

Nick Hyland

Founder | Track Capital


Working towards doubling enquiries through PPC and lowering cost per lead by 70%

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