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When we speak to new clients about SEO for the first time, many of them will ask us “how long will it take?” and “what results can we expect?”. It’s natural, given the scale of investment required, to seek such assurances. Generally, though, the sheer number of variables involved makes these questions very difficult to answer. And that’s why many industry professionals will say things like, “it can take six months to see results” and “there are no guarantees”. And although they’re vague, these are perfectly reasonable answers.

But we aren’t satisfied with reasonable. We want to be able to accurately predict the impact of sustained SEO activities over various timeframes. We believe this is the kind of data prospective clients are interested in.

So, we put our R&D department to work. Leaning on the knowledge of our SEO experts, our resident mathematician, and a big pool of data, we developed a tool to forecast results. And now we’re ready to share that with the world. You can request a totally free forecast and report by filling out the form below.

Do you want to forecast the impact of SEO on your website traffic and revenue? Complete the form and we’ll produce a free report using our proprietary SEO Forecasting Tool.

We will only use your details to generate and email a personalised, interactive report with the forecasted impact of SEO on your business, projecting 12 months into the future.


Consistent positive results from the work Cabana have done for us. Easy to work with, reliable and they do a quality job for our company.

Nick Hyland

Track Capital


We’ve been impressed with the knowledge and guidance that they’ve provided. They’re always there to support us and point us in the right direction about anything that we aren’t sure about.

Rukayyah Robun

Gerald Edelman


Cabana are a joy to work with, each of the individual team members have been great and we love the detailed feedback on our SEO performance.

Will Miles



We're really happy with the service that we've received from Cabana. You've done a lot to help us grow since we came on board.

Adam Scott



Solid, reliable work - clearly know what they're doing, no jazzy absurd "increase your revenue tenfold in 3 weeks" claims, just solid incremental improvements and fine-tuning.

Ben Fowler

Alternate Experiences


Cabana helped me fix many issues left by my previous digital partner, they have a wealth of technical and marketing knowledge and are very keen to help those around them succeed.

Derek Tesciuba



We’re delighted with the new TBG website! Cabana has been great, not only throughout the build process but also providing support and recommendations post-launch.

Jenny Bowes

There Be Giants


The team at Cabana have been invaluable to our business development. Highly professional, detail orientated with exceptional product delivery.

Mihajlo Kostic



I have worked with the team regularly for nearly 2 years and have always found them to be hardworking and professional.

Chay Hodgson

Crew Board

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