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Wow, what a year 2020 was!

In the space of a year, 10 years of digital transformation took place. Online sales skyrocketed, and every business from small to large had to figure out how to keep serving and engaging their customers with face to face time practically eliminated. We really hope this year will see a return to “normality” but digital is here to stay and will continue to expand.

One thing that has got us through this period is each other at the Yard, whether that’s friends or business contacts. And so we’re launching Pollard Yard Labs, where we combine our digital skills at Cabana with those of you selling your products online.

We’ll pick one business per quarter and offer 2 days of our services for free. Whether you’re established or just starting up, the only requirement is that you are (at least partly) an e-commerce business.

If you’d like to take part fill in your details below.

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