Re-imagining Websites: Hall Brown Family Law

What makes an effective website? For professional services businesses like law firms, the effectiveness is determined by the number of enquiries the website generates.

So, once visitors land on your website, how do you offer a great user experience and maximise conversions?

In this series, we reimagine SME websites, discussing what works, what doesn't, and brainstorm ideas to make the most of their site through a design update.


I’m Nieve or since year nine drama class ‘WOB’: passionate for the colour orange and that playlist they play at Frankie & Benny’s. I’m an experienced Graphic Designer having worked with Branding, Web Design, Social- Media Marketing and much more. I love experimental design, working with data, typography and seeing how far I can push design itself.

Hall Brown are an award-winning specialist family law firm based in Manchester, London and Sheffield.

We understand that exceptional service, support and guidance is vital for clients at what can often be the most stressful and traumatic period in their lives.

How do we translate that into an online experience which helps start a conversation between the firm and its website visitors?

Current homepage banner

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Before we delve into how we would freshen things up…

Here’s what works well already

  1. Testimonials – Testimonials are an excellent way of demonstrating trust and support, and in this instance, they appear above the fold. Perfect.
  2.  A Clear Brand – Consistent and professional brand elements are used across the site, including the colour scheme, typography, and a generally supportive tone.
  3.  Accreditations – These help to inspire confidence and trust from audiences. Good work!
  4.  Team profiles – We can see the teams’ photos straight away, another excellent trust factor for visitors.


Here’s what Hall Brown’s website could benefit from

  1.  Re-arrangement of key information – Good information hierarchy helps guide the visitor and offer the correct information at the right time. Team photos are essential, but what’s even more important when I first land on the site is to make sure I’m in the right place. A title and description are a great way to do just that.
  2.  Clear call to action  What should I do once I land on the site? Based on what I see, I’ll either want to enquire or find out more about Hall Brown. We’ve decided to introduce an enquiry form and a couple of links. This way, we account for what most visitors should do next.
  3. New content panels – Presenting content in a visual and digestible way offers a good user experience and allows visitors to scan through a page, figure out if it’s something they’d like to read more about and provide different actions for them to take. Introducing more imagery and lists and generally breaking up the text would help the site present the content more aesthetically pleasingly.
  4.  A refresh of typography, colour, and brand elements; Hall Brown already have some fantastic brand elements, so freshening these up across the website will help create a clear and consistent brand.

Okay, let’s talk design.

1. Re-arrangement of key information

A website must indicate clearly what they do and how they can help. A clear heading and a brief description of the service offering tells the visitor whether they are in the right place. In Hall Brown’s case, the header should express the correct tone of voice: supportive and trustworthy.

Moving accreditations up to above the fold helps strengthen the trust towards Hall Brown, alongside testimonials it’s a ‘trust factor’ recipe for success. As long as success means more enquiries!

Although a great feature, the ‘Meet the team’ panel should not be in the homepage banner. It takes up a lot of real estate and is unlikely to be the first thing visitors want to know. We decided to offer an easy way to get through to it with an ‘About us’ link, whilst opening up a lot of free space for the title and description.

content image


2. Clear call to action

For Hall Brown, demonstrating support and guidance is vital, so the addition of a call-to-action enquiry form will allow readers to seek advice straight away.

Not all visitors may want to do that just yet, however. Hall Brown is one of many family law firms, so how does one decide on the one that’s right for them? It usually comes down to trust, the team, testimonials and past case studies.

Aside from the enquiry form, we decided to introduce two other paths for visitors – learn more about Hall Brown or explore their services.

content image

First concepts

3. New content panels

Focussing on the highest impact elements such as above the fold banners or the homepage is step one for optimising a website. But, we couldn’t help ourselves and dive deeper into improvements that would make the Hall Brown website even better.

The next thing we’d focus on is the content panels used across the website. Most visitors value content presented in a clear and digestible way. I don’t want to read every word on a website; I don’t have time to do that with every website I visit. So, I scan most pages to get the key points and see whether to read more or not.

What would be very valuable in this case is an addition of more lists, imagery and generally breaking up the copy into smaller blocks of text.

We can’t redesign the whole site for this post, so we’ll have to get back to the above the fold banner for now.


 4. A refresh of typography, colour and brand elements

Hall Brown currently have a professional and neutral tone to their branding. It is consistent across the website, and the neutral palette works as a soft and supportive tone for their target audience. We wanted to introduce a slightly different take on the brand to help with the changes we discussed and generally give it a bit of an update.

We experimented with colour adjustments and fonts, staying as true to Hall Brown’s current branding as possible. We opted for a cleaner and more modern take on their existing brand elements.

content image


So here it is, our final reimagination of Hall Brown’s website.

Our favourite design incorporated all the points we discussed in a way that resonated with our team. Did you have a different favourite?

We would love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve done here and receive suggestions for other websites you’d like us to review – click here to get in touch with us.

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Final Re-imagination

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