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What makes an effective website? For professional services businesses like law firms, the effectiveness is determined by the number of enquiries the website generates.

So, once visitors land on your website, how do you offer a great user experience and maximise conversions?

In this series, we reimagine SME websites, discussing what works, what doesn't, and brainstorm ideas to make the most of their site through a design update.

Fountain Solicitors are a UK-based law firm with offices all over the country. Offering a wide range of award-winning services, Fountain Solicitors has a long-established expert reputation.

So how do we translate that into an online experience to help start a conversation between Fountain Solicitors and their audience?

Current homepage

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As usual, before we delve into how we would freshen things up…

Here’s what works well already

  1. Brand Elements – From scrolling through the website, it’s clear to see that Fountain Solicitors aren’t your bog-standard law firm. They incorporate fun and colourful elements to stray from a traditional and typical law firm website.
  2.  CTA use – Consistent call-to-actions are used across the site, helping guide visitors.
  3.  Accreditations – These help to inspire confidence and trust from audiences. Great work!
  4.  Forms – Call-to-action enquiry forms will allow readers to seek advice straight away.


Now, here’s what we think Fountain Solicitors website could benefit from…

  1.  Re-arrangement of high-impact information – Good information hierarchy helps guide the visitor and offer the correct information at the right time. CTA’s can help with this, but first and foremost, we want to know who you are and what you do within a few seconds.
  2. Clear call-to-actions  We’ve decided to introduce a simple enquiry form and call-to-action buttons. This way, we account for what most visitors should do next after landing on the site.
  3. New content panels – Presenting content in a visual and digestible way offers a good user experience, and introducing more imagery and lists and generally breaking up the text with brand elements would help the site present the content in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.
  4. Explore the brand; Fountain Solicitors already have hints of bold branding, so exploring these fun elements while balancing a professional tone across the website will help create a clear and consistent brand.

Okay, let’s talk design.

1. Re-arrangement of high-impact information

A website must indicate clearly what they do and how they can help. A clear heading and a brief description of the service offering tell the visitor whether they are in the right place. In Fountain Solicitors’ case, the header should be straightforward and express the right tone of voice: Dependable, willing, and dedicated.

Moving accreditations up to above the fold helps strengthen the trust towards Fountain Solicitors and celebrate their award-winning success, resulting in more enquiries.


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2. Clear call-to-actions 

Much like many Law service websites, showing trust and support is vital, so the addition of a call-to-action enquiry form will allow readers to seek advice straight away.

Not all visitors may want to do that just yet, however.

We introduced two other paths to inspire visitors to find out more; learn more about Fountain Solicitors, or explore their services.

3. New content panels

Focussing on the highest impact elements such as above-the-fold banners or the homepage is step one for optimising a website. But we didn’t want to stop there.

Visitors value content presented in a clear and digestible way. This way, they can scan pages, find information easily, and quickly decide if they are in the right place for what they’re looking for.

What would be very valuable, in this case, is generally breaking up the copy into smaller blocks of text, allowing an introduction of photographs and visuals as well as headings and sub-headings to help guide readers.

Now, we can’t redesign the whole site for this post, so let’s get back to the homepage.

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4. Explore the brand

Fountain Solicitors already have hints of bold branding, using a great palette of white, orange, and blue. They have introduced interesting shapes to list their services and generally have a lot of character throughout their site. 

However, we think this can be explored even more while having a professional and modern tone. 

We opted for a cleaner and more modern take on their existing logo and generally a more updated and professional tone across the site.

Experimenting with new styles, fonts, and imagery, we incorporated some cool digital illustrations using the existing colour scheme to be bold and bring the site to life. These can be used in conjunction with photography to help visualise concepts, create a visual language, and add a professional and modern quality. 

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So here it is, our final reimagination of Fountain Solicitor’s website.

Our final design incorporates all the points we discussed in a way that resonated with our team. Did you have a favourite?

We would love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve done here and receive suggestions for other websites you’d like us to review – click here to get in touch with us.

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