How website performance affects your Google rankings and conversions [video]

In this video, we discuss how your website performance and speed affect search engine ranking and conversions.

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Jakub Wawszczyk
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Jakub is a full-stack developer with nearly a decade of experience in designing and building web assets. With a good understanding of the marketing landscape in addition to his development skills, Jakub helps our clients grow their businesses online.

Video Transcript

Amazon found that every 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1% in sales. In other words, one second of latency was negatively affecting their revenue by about 10%.

A retail site Shopzilla reduced the average page loading time from seven to two seconds and experienced a 25% increase in page views, while revenue increased by around 10%.

Walmart reported a 2% increase in conversions for every second of improvement in their pages’ loading time.

Impact on your business

These are big names, you might think that the positive effect on your business won’t be as big. We’d argue the opposite is true, as the big names already have a reputation, name recognition, and likely more trust with consumers than a smaller or lesser known brand.

People are more likely to put up with a slower site if they WANT to do business with them or buy a product, how about a new name with a slow speed? It’s a death sentence.

SEO Impact

Search engines know this too, Google uses speed as one of it’s metrics for whether your site ranks higher or lower in their results. They have a great tool called Pagespeed Insights which assigns a score to your site.

Simply aiming for the highest score is a one-dimensional way to go about things, you will run into decisions such as quality vs performance (Especially around images), so it’s good to consider the wider picture, At Cabana, we aim for all our clients to score at least 90 in Pagespeed.

The future of website performance optimisation

We foresee the time it takes for your site to load, and be navigable, to become one of the key metrics in how well you rank, and how much people like your brand. Act now to ensure your site outranks the competition and start building out trust with your website visitors.

Does your website take a while to load? Does it score poorly? We’ve got a wealth of experience in taking on existing sites and optimising them as part of a wider SEO strategy, and building new sites to a checklist of deliverables our years of experience and research concluded to offer a guaranteed high score, great performance, and optimal user experience.

We have created an in-depth guide on how to fix common Pagespeed Insights issues on your website and optimise its performance, check it out or get in touch to discuss your particular issues.

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