How to generate more revenue from your website using objectives (video)

In this post, we look at how using macro and micro conversion points can help generate more revenue from your website.

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Jakub Wawszczyk
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Jakub is a full-stack developer with nearly a decade of experience in designing and building web assets. With a good understanding of the marketing landscape in addition to his development skills, Jakub helps our clients grow their businesses online.

Video Transcript

Start with the numbers

Let’s say you make £1000 from each customer generated through your website, and you get 1000 visitors a month. An optimised site, a good site, will hit around 2% conversion rate – that’s 2% of all visitors becoming a paying customer.

1000 visitors coming to you each month, so that’s 20 sales or £20k in a month! That’s all great, but with the approach we implement for our clients, if we can drive that conversion rate up by 1-3%, that’s an extra £10-30k in revenue for you, each MONTH. When coupled with an SEO strategy which increases your visitors organically over time, the results are multiplied.

Say in a year’s time you get 2000 visitors a month, now you’re making £20-60k more per month! Each ingredient in the mix multiplies the other, that’s how we like to work.

Strategy is key

A lot of people fall into the trap of only doing the last part of this approach, just throwing in a big bright button in the top right corner, or in the banner, adding a big button anywhere they can. Call to actions are great and we love them, but they need an objective, a strategy behind them, you can’t just shout at people to come into your shop if they have no idea why they’d want to do that, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you’re not clear about what your whole site aims to do, sure as hell your visitors will be left wondering too.


So at Cabana we use objectives to drive our designs, we take the time to really understand your business and figure out the two things, two most important things that when achieved turn a visitor into a paying customer. 

Macro conversions

The first objective is your main conversion, buy a product, book a consultation, fill out an enquiry form, that sort of thing.

Micro conversions

The second one is the ‘almost there’ objective, free samples, a free guide or how-to, a market research paper, related products, it’s gotta be something that shows off your product or skills and gets the visitor super close to becoming a customer, but not all the way there, it’s for those still on the fence about you.

Every business can use this strategy, there’s always a reinforcer you can use or come up with to show off your greatness, and you already have your core objective – it’s how you make money! You need to consider the whole shabang, the content, web design, the user journey, the speed and quality optimisations, and set an overall objective for it, that’s how you get to be one of the best converting sites.

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