Building your website with SEO (and marketing) in mind [video]

In this post, we'll explain how every new website should consider SEO (and marketing in general) from the very beginning.

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Sam Sheppard
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Sam is an experienced digital marketing consultant with a specialism in search engine optimisation (SEO). He's led, created and managed the implementation of search marketing strategies for companies, big and small, across a variety of sectors.

Video Transcript

In SEO, the top 3 search results get 75% of all the clicks, with click-through rates reducing the further down the rankings you go. The beauty of this is that as your rankings improve, the cost per click reduces over time. On the other hand, with paid ads, a lot of the time they’ll either cost you the same a year later or cost you more due to ever-increasing competition.

Your name on the first page of Google. Better yet, in the top 3 spots of Google. The journey there requires expertise and time, so why would you want to decrease one of the key elements – the time – and make your website rank lower for longer?

That’s what happens when SEO is not considered during the web design and development stage. Yes – SEO is something to think about as early as design.

You literally save money by working with a competent team from the start, as it’s much easier to build something to a good plan, rather than rebuild it at a later stage.

Top brands understand the importance of SEO and marketing-thinking when it comes to their websites. They account for it in the design, in the pages created, in the code written.

We have an in-house checklist which was developed by our marketing, design and development teams to ensure all websites built for our clients start in a strong SEO and marketable position.

After all, what is a business website if not a marketing tool? So, why would you not think about marketing when building a marketing tool?

Do you have breadcrumbs? Are all your key pages accessible within 3 clicks of homepage? Do you use structured data? Does the site perform well in speed tests? These are just a few of the questions we use to scrutinise all work that makes it out of Cabana.

This ensures that your site is off to a great start.

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