A simple strategy to increase user engagement and drive sales [video]

In this post, we look at how a simple, user-focused marketing message helped Apple achieve market dominance with the iPod and what you can learn from their approach for your business.

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Sam Sheppard
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Sam is an experienced digital marketing consultant with a specialism in search engine optimisation (SEO). He's led, created and managed the implementation of search marketing strategies for companies, big and small, across a variety of sectors.

Video Transcript

You know Apple. When they launched the iPod back in 2001, they were not the first, nor arguably the best MP3 player on the market, other devices were out for over a year before Apple introduced their product.

What they did amazingly well was HOW they released it.

A 1000 songs in your pocket.

I get it, you get it, it’s exactly what I’d want if looking for a portable music player, that’s enough to get me to buy in. It works so well because it’s not about them, it’s about you.

It’s easy to talk about your business, your product spec, your services, your expertise, but it’s all about YOU. What really matters is first to connect the dots for the website visitor, if you start with the spec – your product has 5gb of storage, a 3inch screen, a 3.5mm headphone jack, that’s all great but it doesn’t connect the dots between what I want and what YOU offer. When you say I get a thousand songs in my pocket, I get that, I want it, I can select the specs or hear about them when giving you my money.

Seth Godin put this well “People don’t want what you make. They want the way it will make them feel, and there aren’t that many feelings to choose from.”

So how do you apply this to your business? It helps to work with an external agency, we offer the outsider’s view, something much easier for us to do than those on the inside. We’ve also done this time and time again, so that helps.

Your business brings value to the table, what you need is to talk about the thing your customer wants, the thing they need, the thing they wanna avoid, connect the dots for them, and offer a clear conversion, and you’re on to a winner. We talked about objectives and conversion in the video linked above/below and it pairs perfectly with this strategy.

Your services, previous wins and expertise definitely plays a big part in the sales process, but for majority of visitors it serves the proof – the evidence – of your claim. The claim is what gets them excited, looking for the evidence, wanting to do business with you. Connect the dots between what they want, and what you offer, back it up with good evidence, and offer an easy way to start.

Go and have a read through your website, the pages and links you prioritise, does it talk about you more than the potential customer? Let me know the first few lines of copy on your site in the comments below, we’ll see whether we can help out. If you’d like a free consultation we’d be happy to take a look at your site and offer an outsider’s perspective on whether your site is about you, or about me, we’re giving away 5 sessions so please get in touch through the link in the description for a chance to get one of the free spots available.

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