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Building a website worthy of Giants. Fee-fi-fo-fum, we smell the blood of a fun new project...

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There Be Giants are an international OKR consultancy.

The expert team help businesses around the world to implement OKR (Objective & Key Results) frameworks, a proven goal-setting methodology for challenging and engaging work teams.

They needed an agency capable of building an easy-to-manage, scalable website to showcase their extensive wealth of knowledge to the world.


We’re delighted with the new website!

Jakub and his team have been great, not only throughout the build process, but also providing support and recommendations post-launch. We’re looking forward to working with team Cabana to ensure the TBG site keeps delivering for us and our clients.

Jenny Bowes

Marketing Manager
There Be Giants

A well-built website should free you up to focus on running your business and not worry about the nitty-gritty of website management. The solution should always make life easier for the client.


Tasked with building a new website for There Be Giants, we had two driving principles:

  1. To build a website which was easy for the team to use, manage and grow in the future
  2. To build a website which performed the best it could in terms of usability, speed & performance, and supported There Be Giants’ efforts to rank well in search engine results

Read on to see how these two principles translated into a great end result and how we intend to continue supporting There Be Giants as their technical partner.

An easy-to-use solution

We believe in providing our clients with the tools they need to easily and quickly manage their website – saving time which can be used to perform other key business functions instead. 

For this reason, we have built an in-house framework to ensure the design, layout and functionality of any website we produce ‘just works’, while allowing simple, user-friendly control over the site’s content. All of this, but without sacrificing on the quality of the code or performance, which is often seen in many popular website development solutions.

What really matters

In short, we want to support our clients by freeing them up to run their business and not worry about the nitty-gritty of website management. As a web development agency, it’s our job to create an end product which is as pleasant to use for the site’s visitors, as it is for the team to manage.

In this regard, a website should pass the “drunk test” – a UX standard where a product is so easy to use that even someone who’s had a few drinks could manage it with no help. If, and how, we perform the test is a tightly guarded secret (the only thing we’ll say is that any hypothetical test happens outside of work hours…).

A future-proof solution

There Be Giants’ new site launched with a defined set of pages. However, as the business grows in the future, the team at There Be Giants will need to add new pages. This requirement had to be accounted for from the get-go.

But how?

We built a set of reusable content panels, allowing There Be Giants to create new pages seamlessly with a set of beautiful and effective layouts to select from. Additionally, there is no need to tweak every minute detail of the layout, as is the case with website builders such as Elementor, Squarespace or Wix. 

This content management process enables greater control over what matters the most, without the need for a full time administrator to manage it – one of the many benefits over a website builder.

Our framework hits the mark for There Be Giants

Through our in-house framework and the processes we have in place, we’re able to build websites to a higher standard and faster than many other agencies. Our continued investment in internal development tools means that the foundations of our websites are equipped with dozens of previous experiences and improvements. 

There Be Giants benefited from our continued investment in technology, as more time was dedicated to the unique elements of their new website, meaning more of the budget was spent in the right places.

“Although we may have skipped the smart fridge test this time round, we did ensure our client’s new website worked perfectly across all popular devices.”

Optimised for all screen sizes

Every website should work great across many screen sizes and this project was no exception.

Just think about how you interact with the internet, you might check out a website on your laptop at work, then remember something you’ve missed and look at it on your phone whilst watching TV. And then to really stay ultra-productive, you continue browsing on your smart fridge while justifying another evening snack.

Multi-screen life

The point is, we use multiple devices throughout the day to interact with the internet and considering our short attention span, your business cannot afford to lose a prospective client because the website didn’t work right on one of those devices.

We employ an extensive testing process to ensure each element, in each panel, on every page, looks as it should across all screen sizes, and although we may have skipped the smart fridge test this time round, we did ensure our client’s new website worked perfectly across all popular devices.

“There Be Giants’ continued investment in education and website content means they stand in a great position to attract organic traffic. However, this starts with good technical standards in the website’s source code, meeting all SEO best practices.”

SEO-optimised from the start

Working on the There Be Giants website, we were extremely impressed with the breadth of OKR-related material available – they are the experts after all! The company’s investment in useful, educational website content means they stand in a great position to attract organic traffic. However, this starts with good technical standards in the website’s source code.

An often overlooked element of web development is the impact of the source code on the website’s search ranking potential. Our SEO team keep a close eye on every project – it’s important to us that every website we build starts off search engine optimised. For There Be Giants, the SEO team provided ongoing support and advice to the development team, culminating in a thorough technical audit of the new site before launch.

This meant all SEO best practices were observed during the build, giving There By Giants the platform they need for continued SEO success.

A smooth website launch with no downtime

The website launched with no downtime and no “This website is undergoing maintenance” notifications, which normally turn visitors (read: potential clients) away. Anyone accessing the site on launch day was presented with either the old website or the new website, while the cache cleared around the world.

We’re proud of our smooth, downtime-free launch process.

The last thing we want is for a prospect to be turned away from our client’s website during launch. Although the chances of this happening are fairly low, modern development practices mean it is a completely avoidable risk which no business should have to take.

A successful launch doesn’t quite mean job complete

It would be all too easy to press the big, red, but completely metaphorical LAUNCH button and put our feet up. For one, the button is actually a carefully devised process of many steps and checks, and once complete the job is far from over.

We continue to work with There Be Giants as their technical partner, ensuring their website runs smoothly, stays secure and up-to-date, and the team always has a point of contact to help with the day-to-day administration.

There Be Giants are experts in what they do, and the passion and energy they have for OKRs is clear. It’s just the type of business we love to work with, and we can’t wait to see our respective brands grow together.

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