Wordpress - Salesforce Integration

We streamlined sales and operations of a large Ed-tech business through a bespoke Wordpress to Salesforce integration.

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Growing operational performance

One of our clients relies on a bespoke WordPress portal to manage thousands of sales partners, detail product information and manage their sales pipeline.

A bespoke Salesforce integration

With a lot of the management workflows and core business data centralised within the Salesforce platform, many hours were spent on the administrative and repetitive manual job of keeping the WordPress portal and Salesforce in sync.

For confidentiality purposes, we have redacted some identifiable details about our client.

Cabana has been extremely valuable to us as an agency on a range of projects.

With lots of experience not only can they implement solutions but also come up with them from the start. Their ability to manage a project and communicate with stakeholders on behalf of us is something that is quite rare. This has meant we’ve been able to delegate a lot of responsibility on to Cabana not just on the technical side, which allows us to free up more resource internally than we’d usually be able to.

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Head of Tech


Saved hours monthly


Data sync




Understanding a complex system

Our technical team worked with the client to understand their operational structure and utilise Salesforce APIs to connect the two systems, automate the data moving and use Salesforce as the single source of truth for business-critical data such as latest deal information.

Collaboration with stakeholders

We worked closely with the sales and operations departments to understand how they manage things internally, what were the key Salesforce features used, and how the team managed the WordPress portal and the thousands of sales reps that work with the company.

Throughout the process we continued to clearly communicate our progress, changes to the platform and the impact on the end user. We understood that with many moving parts and stakeholders to keep informed, it was critical for everyone to be on the same page and educated on how to operate the integration to ensure best possible performance.

Helping our client rise above the challenge

Equipped with a deep understanding of our client’s business, we built a custom WordPress to Salesforce integration, automatically sending data to Salesforce when it was submitted by the sales reps. This alone saved many hours normally spent on the laborious task of moving data from one system to another.

With a lot of actions taking place in Salesforce, we also knew it was critical to show the latest, up-to-date information to the sales reps within the portal. To ensure the client wouldn’t have to update the portal with the same action they took in Salesforce, we developed a module that listened for actions taking place in Salesforce and automatically updated the portal. Every time a sales rep logged into the portal they were presented with the up-to-date details, without any work required from the client’s team.

A proud moment‍

We pride ourselves on taking the time to really understand how our clients work and how best to help their business grow with technology. Our team recommends solutions that work for the client, we believe in growing a long-term relationship instead of ‘making a quick buck’. We accomplish this by genuinely helping our clients grow online, optimise their operations and deliver great work on-time and within budget.

We were pleased to hear our bespoke WordPress to Salesforce integration helped the client save countless  stresses of keeping two systems in sync and save thousands of pounds by freeing up talent from the laborious tasks (figuratively speaking! Our solution had direct measurable results of around 80h/month).

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