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We helped an ambitious startup redefine recruitment in the luxury yacht industry with a custom web application.

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A recruitment platform and front-facing website

Crew Board paves the way in luxury yachting recruitment with a modern, end-to-end platform used daily to place the world’s best crew on the world’s best yachts.

A modern way to connect people

‍We partnered with Crew Board at the beginning of 2018 to lead the creation of their recruitment platform and the front-facing website. We worked closely with a branding studio and the client from the very early days, advising on the technical challenges, product design, user research, project management and the technical work involved.

I have worked with Jakub & the team regularly for nearly 2 years and have always found them to be hardworking and professional.

They take a lot of interest in the projects they are working on as development and digital products are more of a vocation than just a means to make an income. Their experience gives them a good indication of how long a project will take to complete which makes costing more predictable for the client.

Chay Hodgson

Managing Director
Crew Board

Managing employers and candidates in a modern and efficient way

We faced the challenge of developing a complex platform for a non-technical audience while modernising the process of recruitment.

On one end, candidates needed a way to fill out their profile, ideal roles, work experiences, upload and store documents, find and apply for jobs and track the status of their applications.
On the other end, employers needed a way to create profiles for their yachts, create job listings and manage ongoing applications.

To manage the platform, we also needed an administrative element where the Crew Board team could verify and approve applicants, employers, track the progress of job applications and analyse the performance and operations of the platform.


Our team set on technologies that would future-proof Crew Board and best suit the creation of a modern web application focussed on performance, ease of use and scalability. We created an infrastructure that could easily support an ever-growing user base with security in mind and developed an intuitive, fast and feature-packed recruitment platform.

An extensive profile builder

The candidate portal features an extensive profile builder with granular control over ideal roles, secure document management, ability to generate and download a CV, references management system and qualifications & skills area.

Engaging and easy to use UI

Most importantly, we built an engaging and easy to use UI which in contrast to the standard, dull and lengthy forms used across recruitment software encouraged candidates to complete their profiles and regularly return to the platform to advance their yachting career.

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A comprehensive job board with smart algorithms to match candidates

To streamline the job search process, we developed a comprehensive job board with smart algorithms, connecting the best candidates to the most suitable jobs. We worked closely with the client to use their expertise in recruitment to devise an automated system and optimise their operations, lowering the management time of the recruitment process by an order of magnitude.

Kanban simplifies the process of sourcing

‍A bespoke kanban board, purpose-built to simplify the process of sourcing, tracking and hiring candidates, was the perfect solution to suit a non-technical audience. We knew that the platform had to be intuitive and allow busy employers to easily manage many applications while enabling Crew Board to administer and help their users effectively.

Secure file management that saves hundreds of hours

We also developed a secure file management system saving Crew Board hundreds of hours of admin work that is usually required to collect and share relevant employment documents.

A highly usable & search friendly website

‍With the platform built, we moved to the creation of the website. Our technical and marketing teams put their heads together and devised a way to create a search engine optimised site that would support future marketing efforts whilst working seamlessly with the recruitment platform, allowing website visitors to search through jobs and lead people to a straight-forward signup form.

We’re proud of our long-term relationship with Crew Board and continue to maintain and develop the backbone of their operations.

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