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We helped a London-based training provider update their website and improve rankings in the local area.

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The brief

Powercall Global Training are a London-based training course provider for business professionals. They provide CPD accredited courses in sales and business critical skills like communication, management, and negotiation.

Powercall have traditionally relied on their close business relationships and a strong network to provide new leads via recommendations and referrals.

However, the training industry has become saturated in recent years. Customers are blessed with choice. There are hundreds of smaller, more specialised providers like Powercall rubbing shoulders with global training institutions providing courses in every area, and there’s also the rising popularity of online courses to compete with too.

We were tasked with delivering an SEO strategy that would improve Powercall’s visibility in London and the surrounding areas.

The work

Our initial keyword research project showed that customers who are ready to book a course are often interested in either a course near to them or in a centralised location they can easily access. To find courses meeting this criteria, our research found these users will often search for terms including the type of course plus a location, e.g. Negotiation Training in London.

With this in mind, we overhauled the website and created landing pages for each course offered by Powercall. The content of each course page was all about meeting the intent of the user (finding a suitable training course in London), and to do that we provided as much information as possible about the agenda, the benefits of attending, the location, the price and testimonials from past attendees.

We also worked on improving Powercall’s authority within the industry to establish the brand as known training experts. This included collating customer reviews, getting mentions in the local press, and writing high quality guest posts on relevant websites within the HR, professional development and training sectors.

Whilst other training providers had plenty more resources and bigger budgets for marketing, Powercall had three advantages: they were local, they were personable, and they were specialists in a tight selection of courses (rather than a jack of all trades).

By playing on this in our SEO campaign, Powercall saw their average rank for keywords in the “course type + location” format, e.g. cold calling training London, increase from 52nd to 7th. This has helped deliver a consistent stream of new leads for the business.

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The site's average ranking position each day for keywords containing 'London'

What did the client think?

“As a client of Cabana Agency for over three years, I have been highly impressed by their dedication, creativity and also by the consistency of results they bring to the table. They have employed a devastatingly effective approach to boosting our online presence.”

Anthony Maddalena

Managing Director
Powercall Training


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