Case Study: Portabello

Sofa, so great. Improving online sales for a luxury, British furniture-maker.

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Portabello Interiors make luxury, handmade furniture from their factory in Lancashire. They specialise in Chesterfield sofas, but the product range has expanded to include beds, chairs, footstools, and ottomans.

For years, Portabello’s leading source of revenue has come through third-party, online retailers, who stock and sell their range of sofas. Whilst this was (and continues to be) a moderately successful source of sales, Portabello wanted to find another channel for marketing their products – thus reducing the company’s reliance on platforms they have no control over.

In particular, they wanted to increase the number of orders directly from their website. As a result, they decided to engage the services of a PPC agency, but despite a promising start, the agency could not achieve a profitable return on ad spend.

Portabello asked us to take over the campaign. Our task was to prove that PPC could provide a profitable source of income by hitting a return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) of at least 400% – meaning for every £1 spent on ads, Portabello would make £4.

Achieving this ratio would more than cover all costs associated with manufacturing, marketing and shipping their products, leaving a healthy profit margin for Portabello to invest in growing their business.

First, we audited the existing Google Ads account to understand past performance and identify all opportunities to improve fully. The audit found that advertising low-profit, poorly-converting product categories had taken up much of Portabello’s budget. In addition, we found several issues with campaign structure, ad copy, keyword targeting, and audience settings.

Following the audit, we decided to rebuild the account and focus on a single product category: sofas.

Furthermore, we’ve helped Portabello implement two separate email marketing campaigns to capture and convert a higher percentage of our PPC traffic. The first campaign follows up with users who abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process, encouraging them to return to the site and complete their purchase. And the second targets users who order a free fabric sample (users can order samples to check the colour and texture of materials they’re interested in). The campaign will send out a series of personalised discounts, aiming to bring the user back to the site to order a sofa in their chosen fabric.

Together, the combination of the PPC and email campaigns have generated incredible results.


  • Average return-on-ad-spend of 686% since our campaign began, exceeding the target level of 400%
  • Decreased the cost per sale by 77% compared to the previous agency
  • 370% increase in revenue through the website

“We’re really happy with the service that we’ve received.

You’ve done a lot to help us grow since we came on board with you nearly two years ago.”

Adam Scott, Director at Portabello

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