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We developed a Wordpress-based search engine to power a website for finding and reviewing golf courses.

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An easier path to your new favourite golf course

We partnered with Go & Golf and were tasked with the development of a search engine to help visitors find the right golf course based on the location and reviews.

Search made easy

Working closely with Go & Golf, we devised a way to easily and quickly find golf courses from the thousands listed on the site.

We are very pleased with the work produced by Cabana.

With a keen interest in our business and a talented technical team they continue to deliver great work for us. We were able to focus on other areas of our operations and allow the experts to take over the development side of things. Their solutions are always spot on, mixing the technical know-how with suggestions that directly impact our KPIs.

Tony Grant

Go & Golf

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Real-time results

How we tackled the problem

We’ve split the audience into two groups, one group looking for a specific golf course with the intention to read reviews or find out more about the course, and a second group which would be browsing through golf courses within a certain region.

Looking out for the end user

To offer a fast and easy way to find a specific course we built an auto-suggest feature, matching the searched keywords to the golf courses within the system. Visitors could start typing a name and be presented with exactly what they were looking for, offering a great user experience.‍

Accounting for all possibilities

For the second group, our goal was to offer an accurate search which listed golf courses within the searched region, while accounting for the many courses with a city or region in their name. For example, a visitor typing in a search query ‘Manchester’ could be looking for courses within the Manchester region, or perhaps for the Manchester Golf Course, which is actually further away from the centre of Manchester than other courses.

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A smart search algorithm

We resolved the technical challenge with an implementation of a smart system to distinguish between a location-based search such as a postcode and a word-based search such as a city or region. We then created a scoring system that accounted for the proximity of the course to the searched location, and the course’s name likeness against the searched keywords.

Our team has learnt a tremendous amount about what it takes to build a fast, performant and effective search algorithm, and gained invaluable experience further adding to our expertise in building custom digital products that deliver the results our clients need to grow their business.

Go & Golf is a beautiful and informative portal, we are extremely happy with the results of our collaboration and proud to play a part in helping thousands of golfers find the perfect place to enjoy the sport.

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