About us

Cabana is an SEO agency led by three friends – Jakub, Ricardo and Sam. That’s us on the right there, hello 👋

Based in Manchester since our inception in 2020, we’re here to help our clients thrive, and we don’t just mean delivering a good ROI and calling it a day. We mean really getting to know the people we work with and enabling them to accomplish their goals, grow their business and build a long-lasting partnership we can celebrate together.

But how about we tell you more about the type of business we aim to be?

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Who we are

The team

We first met as a trio via a freelance project in 2018. Since then, we’ve never stopped working together and partnered with some really talented people.

We’re building a company where we feel happy, creative and empowered, by challenging ourselves and working the problems together, by focusing on longevity, and by enabling ourselves to produce great work.

What drives us

Our mission

We’re a group of friends on a mission to build a company that enables our team, clients, and environment to thrive. How will we get there?

  • Team:
    • By supporting ongoing professional development
    • By avoiding micro-management and assigning real responsibilities
    • By encouraging creativity and autonomous problem solving
    • By providing flexible and remote working arrangements
    • By celebrating and rewarding success
  • Clients:
    • By striving to improve every aspect of our service each day
    • By working collaboratively to achieve clear and measurable goals
    • By building a strong relationship based on trust, honesty and results
    • By partnering with agencies that complement our services for the benefit of our clients
  • Environment:

Where we are


Our main office is a converted shipping container in Pollard Yard, Manchester. We’re not your typical agency, there’s no fancy exposed-brick office with pool tables and pinball machines.

Instead, based in Ancoats and with a rich industrial history all around us, Cabana is designed to be a space where we feel creative, happy and productive (with plenty of plants for company). Amongst a community of like-minded businesses, it’s a place we’re proud to call home.

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